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Adelina Gutierrez

Adelina wanted to make a better life for herself and for her young daughter. With Delta’s help, that future is in sight as she pursues a career in public health.
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Jacquelyn Baker

Jacquelyn didn’t start college with a career in mind. At Delta, she found her calling, and got the support she needed to pursue a job in communications.
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Caleb Stringer

With a lifelong interest in how things work, Caleb knew engineering was for him. Advanced labs and scholarship support made Delta College the perfect place to start.
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Taygen West

At Delta, Taygen could continue playing the sport she loved while getting the complete college experience she was looking for.
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Richard Barron

After being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, Richard became a better student with Delta’s help and is on track to the career he wants.

Kenyita Witherspoon

A working mother, Delta’s flexibility gave Kenyita the options she needed to fit school into her busy life.

Melissa Adams

A working mother of two, Melissa found the flexibility and support she needed at Delta to get her degree and land two jobs in respiratory care.

Steven Davis

Steven thought he was stuck in the career he’d already started. Through Delta, he’s seen the doors open to him and is pursuing a medical degree.

Kari Clewley

Wanting to “shift gears” at her company, Kari got the added education she wanted at Delta without disrupting her work and family schedule.

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Joe Lewis

Some might see a Hollywood film as mindless entertainment. Joe sees it as a reflection of society and a valuable teaching tool. It’s part of what makes his lessons in English engaging and relevant.
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Linda Plackowski

Living ethically and with a purpose has been Linda’s life “quest.” As a philosophy professor at Delta, she helps students find similar meaning for themselves, while equipping them to think logically about everything from advertising to politics.
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Brad Deroche

An accomplished classical guitarist, Brad fosters a classroom environment where learning and developing as a musician also means growing as a person.

Joe Hernandez

A Delta graduate, Joseph now helps the next generation of students learn and grow by teaching mathematics at his alma mater.

Lisa Laughlin

Passionate about teaching and technology, Lisa equips students with the knowledge to be skilled office administrators, while also offering support and a listening ear.

Carrie Burdzinski

Carrie does more than teach biology at Delta – she helps her students understand how they can use that knowledge outside the classroom to improve their health.

Wanda Zenzen

Wanda prepares her nursing students for the workforce by giving them the most up-to-date, hands-on training in a real-life laboratory setting prior to their clinical work.